Warmies Hugs Sloth
Warmies Hugs Sloth
Warmies Hugs Sloth
Warmies Hugs Sloth

Warmies Hugs Sloth

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Warmies Hugs are the newest addition to the family of Warmies. This super cute duo of heatable characters are gently scented with French lavender and provide the same warmth and aromatic comfort. Warmies are more than just plush toys. Heat them up in the microwave and allow the gentle heat to keep you warm through the night. Just warm it up in the microwave for up to 90 seconds (800 watt microwave), and allow the soothing scent of French lavender to help you unwind. Children can use these as warm and cuddly bedtime companions, and adults can use them to soothe their sore muscles. Warmies make great plush companions for all ages.Their arms wrap around each other and attach with Velcro making them perfect for mixing and matching to other Warmies Hugs characters. You can also attach them anywhere and bring them with you on the go. These are TWO cute not to LOVE. Warmies are suitable for all ages. 8" Tall

Quick facts

  • Simply Warm in a Microwave
  • Soothes, Warms and Comforts
  • Scented with Real French Lavender
  • Chill in a Freezer for Cooling Relief
  • Safe for all Ages
  • Dimensions: 9”x10”x3”
  • Weight: 1lbs

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