Sleep Bags, Sleep Sacks, Swaddles, Gowns

Sleep Bags, Sleep Sacks, Swaddles, Gowns


    A sleep sack is a wearable blanket that babies can use instead of a real blanket. It usually zips on over clothes to give baby the warm and cozy feeling of a blanket without having to worry about the risk of suffocation. That makes sleep sacks a good transition from swaddles and stay put on older babies that toss and turn.

    If you’re struggling to get baby to sleep through the night, we recommend trying sleep bags. Many moms have reported that it helps their baby sleep through the night, and since it's the safest alternative to a blanket, it also helps reduce the risk of SIDS. Most of our sleep bags feature breathable bamboo fabric that is buttery soft to the touch. 

    What is TOG? TOG is a rating system that measures warmth and calculates how quickly a fabric uses heat. It is the standard when choosing the appropriate sleeping bag for your baby, depending on the ambient temperature in your nursery. We recommend a heavier TOG during cooler months and a lighter one during warmer months. Our most popular TOG is the 1.0 rating.  This is room temperature.

    • 0.5 TOG: 74 - 78 °F 
    • 1.0 TOG: 69 - 73 °F 
    • 2.5 TOG: 61 - 68 °F
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