Re-Ride Stroller Trade-in Program

Stroller Trade-in Program

When the owners of Baby Grand learned they were expecting their second child only one year after their son was born, they knew they needed a double stroller! But they had such a great single stroller. Maybe a newer model came out, you wanted to start jogging or pair down and get a light travel stroller. In addition, sustainability impact by reusing an item rather than buying it new can reduce its carbon footprint by up to 82%

These are some of the reasons we created the Stroller Trade-In Program.  Baby Grand will buy back your gently used stroller plus accessories and give you in-store credit to purchase any Baby Grand item whether that be another stroller or new crib. We believe products in our supply chain should have an opportunity for a home with another family.  We post an in store list of all current available re-ride strollers.  Stroller value is at discretion of Baby Grand.

Strollers will be considered and accepted if they are in clean, good condition with no defects, fabric tears or damage and all functionality of the product is intact. For strollers, brakes should be in working order, stroller should open and close properly and straps should function and all strollers must be cleaned.  For all items, all original parts must be included. Stroller Manufacturing Date 2015 and newer.  For a value, please email with pictures and a list of accessories of your product.
  • Typically the customer will receive 30-60% of the original value of the stroller plus accessories.
  • Customer will be given in-store credit to use at Baby Grand that does not expire.
  • Baby Grand reserves the right to refuse trade-in strollers based on condition and demand.
  • Stroller Buy Backs are traded in seasonally April 1- August 1
  • Re-Ride strollers sell quickly call to put your name on a list for your desired stroller 952-912-1010