Travel Systems

Travel Systems


    What Is a Travel System?

    A travel system is a car seat and a stroller that attach to each other. Since they’re sold as a pair and are both the same brand, travel systems are guaranteed to work together. Just unclip the car seat from its base in the backseat, snap it into the stroller and you’re off.

    A travel system can be purchased in two ways:

    • As a package deal from the same brand (the type of travel systems we’re reviewing here), or
    • As a “make your own” set that combines a stroller and a car seat from different brands using adapters

    Buying a travel system is different than buying a car seat or stroller. You’re not just looking at each individual part – you want to know how they work together.

    When you buy a travel system, you need to examine three things: the car seat, the stroller, and how they work together. It’s not always simple, and sometimes, you’ll end up with one or two amazing components that don’t work well together for you.

    Most of our strollers are compatible with multiple car seat brands.  So choose carefully and know that you don't need to pair the same companies together customize your own to suit your needs.

    We have a few options below but feel free to create your own "Mix and Match" with most of our stroller options.

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