Djeco Animaba Maraca
Djeco Animaba Maraca
Djeco Animaba Maraca
Djeco Animaba Maraca

Djeco Animaba Maraca

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Bright, wooden painted in bright vibrant colors this maraca would make the perfect first musical instrument for any child. Featuring a colorful llama design, this instrument is ideal for the littlest of musicians, making lovely sound when shaken

No instrument is too small to escape Djeco's range of vibrantly designed musical instruments! A simple and fuss-free percussion instrument that is perfect for babies and growing tots to improve their fine motor control and rhythm, both at the same time! Use it to keep the tempo in check when played alongside other instruments; or even to add a touch of Latin to your performances!

• Fine motor control and coordination
• Auditory skills
• Musical appreciation
• Cognitive development
• Creative self-expression
• Patience & attention span
• Confidence and self-esteem

A quirky collaborative project with Putumayo Kids, this simple instrument will help little music makers develop an appreciation for sound and music as they explore rhythms, melodies and intervals through creative play; and is the perfect instrument to welcome your little one to the world of music! 

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