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BOB Strollers


    BOB was founded in 1994 by Roger Malinowski and Philip Novotny in California, and, like anything, it all started with an idea. Novotny had created a single track bike trailer that was incredibly lightweight and versatile that he called the YAK. Malinowski saw the brilliance of his design and together they built a company around it. With this trailer, they solidified themselves as forward-thinkers and innovators, and that would carry through to their strollers once their own families inspired them to branch out into a new field.

    With their companies value on giving people the freedom to get out and be adventurous, it makes sense that they would build a jogging stroller superior to all others. The goal was to create a lightweight stroller with unmatched quality that can keep up with you during any outdoor activity, such as running or hiking. With features like polymer wheels, a reclining, padded seat, an easy fold frame, and a patented suspension system, it was a stroller like the world had never seen. With the help of their own kids, Malinowski and Novotny were able to quickly work out all the kinks and raise performance levels to achieve a high quality stroller.

    BOB is a company that strives to create modern, innovative products, so it was no surprise when, in 2005, they evolved their stroller to be even more maneuverable by introducing a swiveling front wheel. Thanks to this stroller revolution, parents can easily make sharp turns and walk around in crowded areas gracefully.

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